Someone just beat Samsung to the Galaxy Note 9's biggest new feature | Tech | Life & Style - World Big News

Someone just beat Samsung to the Galaxy Note 9’s biggest new feature | Tech | Life & Style

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is tipped to launch later this year with an improved display, faster processor, and fingerprint scanner embedded within the glass screen.

The next-generation Galaxy Note was expected to be .

However, that isn’t going to be the case.

Chinese company Vivo has beaten Samsung to the punch and unveiled a smartphone with an embedded fingerprint scanner at CES in Las Vegas this month.

Apple is also believed to have looked into the technology for its almost bezel-less .

However, the US company purportedly dropped the technology after it failed to make it work.

, Samsung has managed to crack the in-display fingerprint scanner technology, but it is not yet ready for a worldwide roll-out.

Vivo says it is, with the company claiming its new handset is the “first ready-to-produce smartphone featuring in-display fingerprint scanning technology”.

The in-display sensor works like any other fingerprint scanner, except that a graphical UI highlights where users should place their finger – rather than a physical sensor.

The fingerprint sensor UI appears whenever a user might need to authenticate with their fingerprint, such as when the display is off, when a secure app loads, or during a contactless payment.

Vivo owners can press the fingerprint graphic on the screen to perform unlocking, payment and other operations.

According to the company, whenever fingerprint recognition is not required, the UI will be invisible and will not disrupt the overall visual experience.

That means users will be able to enjoy a full edge-to-edge screen experience, thanks to the reduced bezels.

The company claims its in-display fingerprint scanning technology outperforms other authentication solutions available for full-screen smartphones “in many aspects”.

“Compared to fingerprint sensors on the back of smartphones, Vivo In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology offers a more convenient operation without sacrificing the sleek and unified design of the smartphone,” Vivo states.

Senior Vice President of Vivo, Alex Feng said: “With our efforts in extensive consumer research and long-term R&D investment, Vivo is well positioned to pioneer the development of fingerprint scanning technology.

“We first presented a prototype of our fingerprint scanning solution at MWC Shanghai 2017 based on an ultrasonic sensor, and have remained committed to realising our vision for future smartphones  

“Today’s showcase of a ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone featuring an optical fingerprint sensor is a big leap forward in bringing consumers this long-awaited, futuristic mobile experience.

“We are very excited to make it available to consumers soon.”

Vivo’s embedded fingerprint scanner was created in partnership with Synaptics.