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When you’re craving a snack, it can be tempting to reach for the office candy bowl or grab a chocolate bar from the vending machine. Arm yourself with these low-sugar snacks to see you through the afternoon slump instead.

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It’s no secret at this point that added sugar is bad news, but when we reach for an afternoon snack, even the so-called “healthy” options can be packed with sugar. Something like a conventional granola bar delivers some protein and fiber from whole grains, but it can also pack in as much sugar as a cookie or candy bar.

The list below contains some quick-and-easy recipes for low-sugar snacks that you can make on the fly along with make-ahead snack ideas that you can keep handy for your next afternoon snack attack.

Satisfying Low-Sugar Snacks

Sweet Potato Toast is a satisfying low-sugar snack.

1. Sweet Potato Toast

Move over, avocado toast! This sweet-and-savory breakfast recipe make a great, low-sugar snack, too. Thin slices of roasted sweet potato are the base for your favorite spreads, fruits, nuts, seeds and more!

Healthy Roasted Seasoned Chick Peas

2. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are an easy-to-make, protein-packed savory snack, and you can season them however you like! The link above is to a basic recipe, so you can add your favorite combination of herbs and spices for the ideal low-sugar snack.

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3. Kale Chips

You can splurge on store-bought kale chips, but they are so easy to make at home, especially if you have an air fryer, which cuts your cooking time in half. If air frying isn’t your thing, you can also make kale chips in the oven using this recipe as your guide.

BBQ Protein Bites from Spabettie

4. BBQ Protein Crunch Balls

These savory little bites are a perfect solution for a mid-afternoon snack attack! They’ll keep for a few days in the fridge if you store them in an airtight container.

Pizza Hummus from Cadry's Kitchen

5. Pizza Hummus

Hummus is a natural low-sugar snack idea, but why go with the plain-and-simple? Step up your hummus game with savory pizza flavors!

Miniature Tostadas from Veggies Save the Day

6. Miniature Tostadas

Don’t you love a tiny version of a conventional recipe? These mini tostadas are stuffed with guacamole, black beans, fresh corn and tomatoes. Perfect little healthy bites.

Cheesy Quinoa Bites from Go Dairy Free

7. Cheesy Dairy-Free Quinoa Bites

These healthy, cheesy, vegan bites will keep for a few days in the fridge. Munch on them as-is, or top with your favorite dips and spreads. They’re so good with a dollop of salsa fresca on top!

Mac and Cheese Bites from A Virtual Vegan

8. Baked Mac and Cheese Bites

There are no dairy or processed ingredients in these cheesy little pasta bites! You make the vegan cheesy sauce in the blender, then bake in muffin tins for a cute and delicious low sugar snack!

Tamari Roasted Seeds from Trinity's Kitchen

9. Tamari-Roasted Seeds

This is a two-ingredient snack that’s super easy to whip up. You can make a big batch over the weekend and snack on them all week long! Store in an airtight container on the kitchen counter for three to four days.

Curry Carrot Fries from Veganosity

10. Curry Carrot Fries

Move over, sweet potatoes! Carrots make a great base for curried veggie fries. Carrots deliver a little bit of natural sweetness to balance out the deep curry seasonings in this low-sugar recipe.

Jicama Fries from Allergylicious

11. Jicama Fries

Another offbeat oven fries recipe! Tangy jicama teams up with chili powder, lime juice and sea salt for a flavorful baked treat.

Green Juice Pulp Crackers from Dianne's Vegan Kitchen

12. Green Juice Pulp Crackers

If you juice, chances are you’re tossing the leftover pulp into the compost bin. Next time, save it for this low-sugar crackers recipe!

Pizza Roasted Almonds from Vegan Yack Attack

13. Pizza Roasted Almonds

These easy, flavorful roasted almonds couldn’t be easier to make! They only have eight ingredients, and they come together in under half an hour.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Dip from Veggies Dont Bite

14. Buffalo Cauliflower Dip

If you want a decadent-yet-healthy snack for your next party spread, you are looking at it. There are no processed ingredients in this dip. Serve with crackers, pita triangles or your favorite veggies for dipping.

Stuffed Mini Peppers from Vegan in the Freezer

15. No-Bake Stuffed Mini Peppers

Miniature bell peppers stuffed with creamy, chickpea salad is a satisfying snack that’s deliciously healthy and free from added sugars.

High Protein Granola from Vibrant Wellness Journal

16. High Protein Granola

This savory breakfast recipe is a great high-protein, low sugar snack! Granola can be very sweet, but this recipe only uses a tablespoon of maple syrup in a recipe that yields four cups of tasty, snacky goodness.

Spicy Roasted Cashews from Wallflower Kitchen

17. Easy Spicy Roasted Cashews

I love this choose-your-own adventure recipe for roasted cashews! Make them with your favorite hot sauce, and layer on whatever herbs and spices are speaking to you to create your perfect, spicy snack.

Brown Rice Crackers from Healthier Steps

18. Brown Rice and Flaxseed Crackers

If you haven’t made your own crackers before, I encourage you to try it. With a solid recipe, like this one, it’s super easy to do. I like to use a pizza cutter when I make crackers to get nice, clean lines.

19. Basic Edamame

Sometimes, the best low-sugar snack is the simplest. Boil up some edamame for a protein-rich, low sugar snack in minutes.

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Arm yourself with these low-sugar snacks to see you through the afternoon slump instead.

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