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Kate Middleton pregnant: How pregnancy might affect the Duchess of Cambridge

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The 35-year-old, who is married to Prince William, is famed for her long, thick hair. Now the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child, will her hair change thanks to hormones? 

Johanne Herald, Senior Master Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons explained how pregnancy affects a woman’s hair. 

She said: “On average women lose around 50-250 hairs a day, regardless if their hair is thick or fine. As well as the daily ‘shred’ every few years women will go through a cycle lasting about three months where they will find hair ‘everywhere’, these cycles occur about 25 times in a lifetime 

“After giving birth or when stopping breast feeding, women will experience one of the ‘hair everywhere’ cycles. 

“Some women may not notice this as much and will only realise once they find short bits of hair (new hair) around their hairline. 

“As annoying as this can be, it is a great sign that the hair lost has reproduced from the follicle and will grow.”

Jo said many women opt for a “fringe or face framing layers” so the shorter hairs don’t look so obvious. 

She explained during pregnancy hair loss will slow down making hair look and feel thicker. 

“This is due to the baby taking nutrients and vitamins like calcium and keratin from the hair components,” Johanne revealed. 

“Initially due to surges in hormones in the early stages of pregnancy women can expect to have unusually oily skin and hair, which may be credited for that ‘glow’ women can have throughout pregnancy. 

“Upon reaching the second trimester this should stop or slow down.”

Kate is many things – a mother, philanthropist and a royal – but also a trend-setter. When she stepped out with a new hairstyle earlier this year the fashion world applauded her. 

The Duchess’s hair always looks thick and fabulous – Express.co.uk asked how anyone could recreate this at home. 

Jo said: “Kate Middleton’s hair is always blow dried to perfection with shine and volume, most likely because she knows she will be photographed! 

“Kate’s hair has always looked extremely thick, most likely due to the products she uses. If you suffer from fine hair, try using the Kerestase Densifique range. This helps to boost hair fibres and encourage new growth stimulation, and is different from volumising products which just sit on the cuticle and swells hair for one wash.  

“If we have pregnant clients in the salon ahead of a special event, I would recommend placing some extensions into the hair using Balmain Additions. 

“If a client is worried about colouring hair, the alternative is adding highlights/lowlights without actually colouring the whole head. I would always recommend an additional patch test for pregnant clients, even if I have been colouring their hair for years. (I’ve coloured my hair throughout my pregnancy and it’s fine but always best to be safe).

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