Emmerdale spoilers: David Metcalfe’s secret exposed and it’s a LOT worse than you think | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV - World Big News

Emmerdale spoilers: David Metcalfe’s secret exposed and it’s a LOT worse than you think | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Last night’s instalment say the fan-favourite on the phone with Leyla (played by Roxy Shahidi) as he desperately tried to keep something a secret. 

However, things don’t stay quiet for long in the Dales as it seemed that the truth was about to come out. 

A suspicious Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) stormed to Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) and demanded to know what was going on with David (Matthew Wolfenden). 

Priya naturally knew nothing about it, and appeared offended that Tracey would accuse her of such a thing. 

With his wife seemingly reassured that he wasn’t playing around, David went to Priya to apologise for his lover’s behaviour. 

However, his ex demanded to know what the real truth was and he set about coming clean.

Despite everyone thinking David was at a grocery convention, it seems that he was actually rekindling his love with Leyla. 

He told Priya: “The night before Leyla left, me and her… I don’t know why it happened, it was a foolish moment of madness.

“We somehow ended up in bed together.”

What’s more, David didn’t actually attend the convention and instead has spent the past week flying out to Greece to see Leyla. 

Viewers of Emmerdale were completely heartbroken with the new development, believing David to have been one of the good guys. 

One wrote on Twitter: “Understatement of the century but David does not deserve Tracy at all.”

Another agreed, adding: “People in soaps just can’t keep it in there pants. So irritating to watch    No matter what they always end up cheating. Can’t stand David anyway..”

A third raged: “David is a serial cheat. He’ll never change. K**b!”

With Priya now knowing the truth, will Tracy discover David’s dirty secret? Or will he get away with it?

Meanwhile, studious Emmerdale fans believe that this bombshell is related to Leyla’s hasty exit from the soap last year.

With her return expected many ITV viewers believe she will come back either pregnant with David’s baby or she will have already have it. 

“Bet when Layla returns she’s had David’s baby,” one mused as a second agreed, saying: “Leyla will come back pregnant with David’s baby.”

Emmerdale continues Monday at 7pm on ITV.