Baroness bashes Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg's leadership chances in scathing LBC rant | UK | News - World Big News

Baroness bashes Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg’s leadership chances in scathing LBC rant | UK | News

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The pro-EU peer and journalist branded the backbencher an “absolute throwback” and claimed his appointment would spell “the end” for the .

The politician spoke to LBC’s Andrew Pierce after the Brexiteer reportedly told a friend he wanted to become the Tory leader.

Donald Trump ally and academic Ted Malloch told the Mail on Sunday he went for a private lunch with Mr Rees-Mogg, who reportedly expressed interest in the role.

He added: “He did not mean now but at some point in the future.”

Responding to the prospect the Eurosceptic MP taking the reins, Baroness Wheatcroft said Mr Rees-Mogg did not have what it took to attract younger voters.

She said: “Jacob’s immensely entertaining, incredibly polite, as you say, he’s very good company but he certainly hasn’t got what it takes to attract the votes of my children because he is absolutely a throwback.

“Not just in his manners but in his attitude.”

She branded the politician “divisive” before saying she could not imagine him becoming party leader.

Baroness Wheatcroft said: “If Jacob Rees-Mogg became party leader, the Tory party would be absolutely killed, it would be the end because he would be such a divisive figure – I really can’t imagine that happening.

“I think he’s very serious, I think he’s an ambitious young man… he’s very clever as I say, he’s plotted his route just as carefully as Boris Johnson did – he could come off the rails just as Boris did.”

However, despite the speculation, Mr Rees-Mogg has continually played down the idea and previously told the radio station he had already achieved his “life’s ambition” of becoming the MP for North East Somerset.

He added: “I’m a huge admirer of the Prime Minister – I want her to stay in office.

“I back her very strongly, we need stability, we need a period of calm – we’ve had some very exciting summers over the last few years and I think we need a calmer, cooler summer regardless of the temperature outside.”