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Antiques Roadshow – Librarian SPEECHLESS over book’s SEVEN-FIGURE value | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Dealer Clive Farahar was visibly shaken after he was presented with a genuine Sir John Chandos manuscript, currently being homed at the Senate House library. 

Farahar beamed as he called the text “the most important manuscript to ever make it onto the Antiques Roadshow”. 

The guest explained the scripture was written by Chandos’ PA, who recorded various battles and gave an eyewitness account used to produce the beautifully illuminated bound book. 

“It’s the most remarkable thing,” enthused Farahar. “And as far as I know it’s not well known at all.”

“Is this the most valuable item you’ve got?” he probed.

The librarian admitted the treasure was insured for a whopping £2million, which Farahar insisted was “ridiculous”. 

“It’s priceless in many ways,” he grinned. “To me this is a priceless item, but for insurance purposes it’s insured for £2 million.” 

“I think that’s ridiculous,” snapped Farahar. “Because I think if it came on the open market, and heaven forbid that it ever would, I think it would be worth twice that at £4 million.”

Naturally, viewers were taken aback by the enormous sum, with one posting: “Omg 4 million pounds for some ancient manuscript book!”

Another gasped: “Ooh, intriguing old illuminated manuscript book is insured for £2m, may be worth £4m. Oof,” which was followed by: “Who, in their right mind, would pay £4 million for a book?!”

A fourth sighed: “four million pounds for a book of fairy tales.” 

Antiques Roadshow continues next Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.