Antiques Road Trip You won’t believe how much this RUSTY biscuit tin sold for... | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV - World Big News

Antiques Road Trip You won’t believe how much this RUSTY biscuit tin sold for… | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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As loyal Antiques Road Trip viewers will know, occasionally the auction room pulls out a huge surprise for viewers with unforgettable profits.

Today’s episode saw Catherine Southon and Philip Serrell continue their BBC adventure for profits.

Catherine found a croquet set and a biscuit tin and had high hopes for both at the auction in Christchurch.

Continuing their antiques adventure in Alton while driving a classic Citroen, Catherine stumbled upon the rare 1930s novelty biscuit tin and purchased it for just £18.

Voicing the show, Tim Wonnacott excitedly announced the auction, saying: “Now it’s time for Catherine’s 1930s biscuit tin.”

Catherine looked at her rival and jibed: “Jealous?”

Phillip then cheerily asked: “Has it got any rust?”

“Yes, it’s got rust,” Catherine replied before the auction got underway.

The auctioneer announced: “Start at £30. £30 low estimate, £35.”

She then continued to raise the bids in fives.

The auctioneer said: “At £85 for this lot then… Anymore bids?”

Phillip then gushed: “I’m so excited for you!” as the auctioneer brought down the hammer, adding: “We sell at £85!”

Amazed at the profit of £67, Phillip gasped: “That was a top buy, wasn’t it?”

Tim could then be heard to say: “Crikey! That’s a whopping profit!”

Delighted with her sale, Catherine smiled: “Rust you see… I am the queen of rust!”

The episode also saw Phillip learn how flying boats gave us the word “airport”, while Catherine unraveled the story of a top-secret unit of World War II code-deciphering spies working in occupied Europe.

continues tomorrow on at 4.30pm.