Scottish thug stashed knives for ‘war with Muslims’, a court heard | UK | News

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David Kerr also spouted bile about Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Irish people, shocking his fellow bus passengers.

When police searched his home in Busby, near Glasgow, he showed them a ‘war drawer’ full of knives and body armour, saying: “All the Muslims entering the country, we are going to war over this. Look how serious I am.”

At Paisley Sheriff Court, Kerr today pled guilty to two charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, last August and again six months later. Kerr, who is originally from Falkirk, also admitted both offences were aggravated by religious prejudice.

Sheriff Susan Sinclair placed him on a 12-month supervised Community Payback Order.

In response, Kerr said from the dock: “I plan to move to England. I want to live in a Christian country. I can’t live in Scotland any more. I intend to leave here.”