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Chief executive of the organisation, Mohammed Shafiq, appeared alongside MP Andrew Gwynne in Manchester to talk to the ITV show’s presenters, which also included Susanna Reid.

When the 38-year-old Muslim suggested that he needed to “reflect” on his language however, presenter Piers Morgan angrily interrupted. 

Shafiq said: “Well there are a number of media commentators, and with respect Piers for example, he’s got to really look at his language. What we saw in the aftermath of the London attack, you just need to reflect on your language.

“I’m not saying that no one shouldn’t have been saying what they’ve been saying, let’s just be calmer, let’s look for language that brings people together,” he added.

Instantly taking offence to the comments however, Morgan cut in and defended himself against the perceived accusation. 

“Hang on, hang on, let me stop you there, before you accuse me of using inflammatory language. This morning I have used exactly the same language at exactly the same time as the other terrorist attacks.” 

An argument ensued, as the guest then accused the 52-year-old of not letting him speak, saying he would “explain if I could manage to finish a sentence without you interrupting”.

But Shafiq failed to quell Morgan’s anger, instead likening him to controversial columnist and journalist Katie Hopkins. “Look at your colleagues at the Daily Mail for example, Katie Hopkins,” Shafiq said. 

Even more riled up by the interviewee, Piers told him he shouldn’t say things he couldn’t back up, but he responded with: “Read back on your articles, just read back on your articles.”

The initial comments Shafiq made were answering how the public should respond to the attacks. He began: “A perpetual cycle of Islamophobia is commentated and perpetuated, and there are media commentators now who perpetuate that narrative, and I think those people have to take a change to reflect about their words because words are very important.

“They encourage people, they brainwash people, and I think it’s very important that people from the Muslim community, and that we together as British people reject both narratives,” Shafiq continued.

Many viewers took to Twitter to voice their anger over the “accusation”. One said: “Well done @piersmorgan on calling out @mshafiquk. Appalling accusation with clearly no basis. Nothing new from him. #GMB,” while another posted: “#gmb #piersmorgan When you’re made to look a fool Piers, free speech should never be stopped. Well done #piersmorgan.”

However, one person didn’t seem to be a fan of the ITV breakfast show or the presenter, saying: “By speak to him Piers you mean shout at him and not let him get a word in edgeways #GMB #thepiersmorganshow @GMB awful viewing.”

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