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Rebecca Jane was removed from a humungous argument with Joe Quaranta after accusing him of insulting her appearance. 

“You should never say to somebody, ‘Your smile irritates me’,” she snapped at the 55-year-old, who looked bemused and raged: “I’m not taking f**k all back.” 

But the row took an even nastier turn when Rebecca brought up the nightclub owner’s daughter. 

“Don’t bring my daughter into it, you silly f**king idiot,” Joe barked. “Right? Don’t bring my daughter into it, you idiot.”

“I’m somebody’s daughter! I am somebody’s f**king daughter,” cried Rebecca. “How would you feel?”

What’s worse, Rebecca’s ex Kieran Lee stepped in, telling the hysterical housemate that she “deserved” it. 

“You f**king what?” Rebecca snarled. “He said that to me and you think I f**king deserve it?”

Unsurprisingly, Big Brother soon swooped into demand a housemate escort Rebecca to the bedroom before they were forced to kick another contestant out of the Borehamwood bungalow. 

The spat comes after Kayleigh Morris was ejected from the Big Brother house, following a “threatening” argument with Chanelle McCleary. 

Kayleigh has since hit out at Big Brother bosses, claiming that she was edited unfairly and insisting that Chanelle should have also been axed from the series. 

Big Brother continues tonight at 10.30pm on Channel 5.